Welcome to Lion Park capital

Lion Park Capital now partners to control 350 units and assists in managing 20 million dollars in real estate. While the initial driving forces were for my immediate families security, it has grown to build a platform that generates passive wealth for many around the country.

We believe in assisting our investors in achieving financial security. I started off not knowing the proper path to follow or the most lucrative investment to make. However, through continuous diligence and pursuit of a risk profile that makes sense to the typical working professional, I have found a method to reach our goals.

Lion Park Capital does not chase theoretical high yield investments but instead conforms to platforms that preserve our hard-earned money and provide a predictable return that can be relied upon.

Our goal is to diversify your portfolio: not to compete against equities or other investments that may appear more desirable but with a higher risk profile.

Lion Park Capital does not succeed unless our investors profit first. Period.

As a father of four boys, I have the continued pressure not only to provide for my family but also to raise four productive and self sufficient members of society.

I am extraordinarily satisfied with my career as an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon however, am unknown if my children would want to follow suit. I realized the impetus to teach them a mechanism to generate a level of income to provide the freedom and flexibility to pursue whatever fulfilling line of work they may aim for.

With the guidance of close mentors, I built Lion Park Capital to not only provide a sense of security for myself but also to use as a vessel to teach others and most importantly, my children.

It's time to make a smart investment